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Learn CodeIgniter

Learn the art of developing Web sites using CodeIgniter.

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SecureBlackbox for Java

Add SSL, SSH, PKI, SFTP, PGP, PDF, XML, ZIP, EDI security to Java applications.


Realm Browser Library

View and edit Realm database files on Android devices


SVG Kit for Android

Create icons, backgrounds, charts, and diagrams in vector format.


JADE Android

Allows developing agent oriented applications based on JADE for the Android platform.



Compare issues related to missing setup and database objects discrepancies.



Create professional applications with Vista visual style and advanced features.


Databar Decoder SDK/Android

Decode Databar barcode image using C/C++.


Code39 Decoder SDK/Android

Decode Code39 barcode image using C/C++.


Code128 Decoder SDK/Android

Decode Code128 barcode image using C/C++.


CH340 USB Serial Port Android Test

Read/write CH340 chip with USB OTG.


MSDN for Developers

Search MSDN content using your Android device.