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Dec. 20, 2014
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Dec. 20, 2014
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Compatible with 2.3.3 and above.

Hotel My Phone - Phone Share v1.1.2

Dead battery/forgot phone? Borrow friend's phone & use it as your own Text, Call

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Hotel my Phone is the only peer-to-peer phone sharing solution, that lets you Text & Call with your regular number from a friends app, when you forget your phone or your battery is dead.Call & Text from a Friends PhoneSecurely check-in to a smartphone hotel (on your friends phone) to Text & Call with your number! Instantly see your own phone contacts, send/receive your text messages and make phone calls all with your regular phone number. Let your friends do the same in your hotel app & earn stars. Make sure, you and your close friends install the app, to benefit from free unlimited hotel check-ins on each others phones!Build your Network of Smartphone HotelsHave fun building your hotel network! Invite your closest friends & family to install Hotel My Phone so you can check-in for free to your phone from their app, when you need it. By connecting with friends & family you are building your network of smartphone hotels. As your network grows, you earn more stars!The Safety Net of Your Trusted NetworkWhether you forgot your phone or have a dead battery, it doesnt matter anymore. Have the added insurance of your spouse's phone or your best friends always available. Stay in constant contact with your trusted network now that you are all on Hotel My Phone youll never miss a message or a call.Check-in When you Cant Access your PhonePeer-to-Peer phone sharing is a completely new concept that can save you when you are stuck without access to your phone. Install the app on your phone & ask your closest friends/family to do the same, and benefit when:• You forgot your phone? No sweat! You can check-in on your friends app to see if you missed SMS & Calls and reply • Your smartphone battery is dead? Borrow your friends phone send a text message or make a call with your phone numberFree Messaging with Friends!Hotel My Phone also lets you message other Hotel my Phone friends for free in the app, in both host and guest mode. This means, you can always message your close friends and family in Hotel my Phone! Stay in constant contact with your trusted network now that you are all on Hotel My Phone youll never miss a message.***************************************************Security of your InformationThis is the first time that phone sharing is made easy & safe for both the person lending their phone (host) and the person checking-in (guest). Heres how.Security for the Host:• When you lend your phone to a friend, your phone will switch to hotel mode hiding your profile and personal communications• When your guest logs out of your hotel, a 10 second timer will appear, closing the session and notifying them to return the phone to youSecurity for the Guest:• When you check-in to a smartphone hotel, your communications are secured and kept anonymous from the host • You can log out of a smartphone hotel at any time, which permanently closes the session• If you forget to log out, you are automatically logged out after a 4 hour period • None of your personal information remains on the host phone after you log outHave fun hoteling your phone to friends or benefiting from checking-in to a smartphone hotel when you need it most! When you and your close friends install Hotel My Phone, you both win & provide security to each other!***************************************************We love hearing from you at: feedback@hotelmyphone.comContent rating: Medium Maturity
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